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DMZ Services, Inc. is a full-service System(s) & Security Company. Our Services are available for World Wide On-Site or Remote Internet Support.

We can help you with all phases of your project. Including:

The team comes from such varied backgrounds as Banking, Shipping/Intermodal, Politics, E-Commerce and Telecommunications. While our expertise is in Internet or Intranet Web based applications & servers, our varied experience allows us to support every type of company/project; from the single person startup to the Fortune 100 Corporation!

Contact us today and let us know how our specialized Services can help you.

DMZ Services has partnered with Zendzign to create ZZ Servers. ZZ Servers provides custom, scaleable data solutions designed to fit your needs. Starting with stable highly available network and servers and continuing through our dedicated customer service. ZZ Servers offers instant deployment of a variety of powerful services designed to fit your needs from a single web page to complex PCI, HIPAA & SOX certified solutions. Visit us our call today, and start running your business not your servers: (800)796-3574 x1
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