May 15, 2003
I noticed a bit ago that cyrus/sasl now supports mysql (at least the debian (2.1.12) version does). Here is the config I use to get it working.

# SASL library options (these are handled directly by the SASL libraries,
# refer to SASL documentation for an up-to-date list of these)

# The mechanism(s) used by the server to verify plaintext passwords. Possible
# values are "saslauthd", "auxprop", "pwcheck" and "alwaystrue". They
# are tried in order, you can specify more than one, separated by spaces
# Do note that, since sasl will be run as user cyrus, you may have a lot of
# trouble to set this up right.
sasl_pwcheck_method: auxprop

# What auxpropd plugins to load, if using sasl_pwcheck_method: auxprop
# by default, all plugins are tried (which is probably NOT what you want).
sasl_auxprop_plugin: mysql

# If enabled, the SASL library will automatically create authentication secrets
# when given a plaintext password. Refer to SASL documentation
sasl_auto_transition: no

sasl_mysql_hostnames: HOST
sasl_mysql_user: USER
sasl_mysql_passwd: PASSWORD
sasl_mysql_database: DATABASE
sasl_mysql_statement: select password from accounts where username = '%u'
sasl_mysql_verbose: true

Feb 18, 2003
If you haven't noticed, I haven't done any work on this in a while. However there are many others who have. Here are some of their links:

Simon's MySQL patches for sasl 2.1
let me know if you know of more January 17, 2002 I have started working on a plugin to sasl 2.0. As life is as it is, i don't expect to put much work into it for a little bit. Check back in a month or two :)

July 17, 2001 Hello all, my system crashed without my a current backup of the webpages for the cyrus-diffs. Here are the various patches I use to get cyrus, sasl, twig, and exim all working together.

I'll try to get this clearer soon, but here are the files.

Virtual email setup document describing how i used the below packages in virtual config
Virtual email setup with complete setup info of integration if above is not helpful
TWIG IMAP/PHP web client
cyradm a PHP cyrus admin agent
phpMailSettings for vacation and forwarding
Cyrus Imapd.deb with patches installed
Cyrus SASLdb.deb with patches installed
imapd.conf for cyrus-sasl and mysql
Patches, note they have been setup for the noted versions; but should work with anything newer, just change version number in diff file.
cyrus-config.diff: Patch for cyrus to support multi-cfg files on command line. For version 1.6.20
sasl-mysql.diff: Patch for sasl to support mysql auth. For sasl version 1.5.13
1.5.24 patch and Security patch
sasl-mysql-1.5.24: Sasl version 1.5.24 pwcheck.c code only (not diff)
Patches provided by other people for different versions:
sasl-mysql-appendsql.diff: patch provided by Manon Goo to provide support to 1.5.15 and an sql append feature Fred McDavid Looks like for quota stuff, and patch to sasl 1.5.24 and imap 1.6.22
Rok Papez security patch for ' or ''=' password
Randall Ehren Encrypted PW

Patches for mailsettings (vacation/forward) used in above virtual documentation
mailsettings.diff: Patch for mailsettings (virtual)
vacation.conf.diff: Patch for vacation files (virtual) Patch for vacation perl file (virtual)

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