Here are the distribution's to the projects I work on
Other people's applications made into Debian distributions

ICECAST (passed this onto someone who wanted to put more time into it)

Debian Icecast Client
Debian Icecast Server
Liveice | Debian Package
PKS Debian Package

XGlobe Home / .deb(1.08 Mbytes) / .rpm(1.08 Mbytes) / .tgz

My .xesssion line is:xglobe -pos 'fixed 37 -122' -ambientlight 35 -wait 900 -nice 10 -nolabel -nomarkers & Wireless Network/TerraServer IDW mapping program

F.I.R.E Forensics and Incident Response Environment

Cyrus imapd projects Fully contained mail system with virtual setup and patches. Visit their web site.

Public Key Server PHP Cache
Test Page
pks-commands Source
The problem with PKS servers is that you need to have access to the server which usually runs on port 11371. However, if you want to access it from within a proxied environment or from behind the scenes it can cause some problems. I've taken the standard pks-commands.html file and made it a simple php proxy. It will connect from the PHP server to the chosen PKS server and GET public keys (translating the returned URL to be this script so if multiple keys are found it will redirect back through the script again). It also support POSTing new keys to the specified PKS server.

Using MRTG to monitor system resources

Spamassassin sa-learn through remote imap shared folder

Convert MP3 Recurse through subdirectory & convert (using xing) mp3 to different bitrate

Big Brother Patches

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