After 3 failed attempts to stream & archive the monthly BALUG meetings, I've decided to just archive them until I either get a 2nd machine to stream from or get this USB-Serial device working.

Note: The streaming is coming from an apache web server using the following PHP script to trick it into coming from the web:

< ?
  header("Content-type: audio/x-scpls");

  print "[playlist]\n";
  print "NumberOfEntries=1\n";
  print "File1=$streamfile\n";

March 20, 2001
Speaker: Linus Torvalds
Topic: Linux 2.5 and beyond
Length: 47:55
Downloads: 24k Mono(8.2M) | 64k Mono(22M) | 64k Vorbis(20M)
Streams: 24k Mono(8.2M) | 64k Mono(22M)

January 16, 2001
Speaker: Chris ? from Invisible Planet
Topic: Beep - XML protocol & Internet MGMT tools using it
Length: 65:32
Downloads: 24k Mono(8.2M) | 64k Mono(30M) | 64k Vorbis(20M)
Streams: 24k Mono(8.2M) | 64k Mono(30M)

September 19, 2000
Speaker: John T. Gildred, Founder and CEO of Indrema Entertainment Systems.
Topic: How Indrema plans on integrating open-source api to game console
Length: 62:18
Downloads: 24k Mono(11M) | 64k Mono(28M)
Streams: 24k Mono(11M) | 64k Mono(28M)

July 18, 2000
Speaker: Seth Schoen
Topic: DeCSS, DVD, Legal happenings, etc
Length: 91:38
Downloads: 24k Mono(16M) | 64k Mono(42M)
Streams: 24k Mono(16M) | 64k Mono(42M)

Note: This site currently is served by a 1M outbound sdsl connection. Please keep that in mind when downloading/streaming anything.

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